Bishop Patrick O’Regan

Bishop of Sale

At my ordination to the episcopate for the Diocese of Sale, I joyfully proclaimed ‘God is good. God is good indeed’. Each of us is called to work together to help the students, families and staff of our Parishes and our Schools...

Maria Kirkwood

Director of Catholic Education

A key finding of the 2014 Review of Religious Education in the Diocese of Sale was the need to revise the Religious Education Curriculum, Journeying Together in Hope, to ensure that it was meeting the needs of students...


Growth in religious understanding and faith occurs throughout life. The Catholic School, through its defining culture, its curriculum and its classroom-based Religious Education programs, plays an important formative role in support of families in the Religious Education of those to whom it ministers. It is a place of testimony and acceptance, where faith and spiritual accompaniment are provided to young people.


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